Tarpaulins for Parasite Treatment



Tarpaulins for enclosing cages during parasite treatment from Rantex Marine AS comes in two types of materials, polyester 300 g/m2 and coated (coated) PA 6.6-fabric 240 g/m2. We provide 3 types of design: flat tarpaulin, muffin tarpaulin and hybrid tarpaulin. All these tarps have a reinforced edge in PVC, 100 mm webbing in polyester with tensile strengths of 13 tonnes and hoisting points with strong steel rings. The tarpaulins are provided with different colour codes on the webbing and, mark-ups in 360º. The number of straps on the tarpaulin is 8, 16 or 32, depending on the tarpaulin size and customer wishes. Volume calculations delivered with all tarpaulins.

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