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Taurus 500SP

Contact and stomach Insecticide for the control of Whitefies, Thrips, Aphids, Leafminers, Caterpillers in Roses, French beans, Tomatoes and Capsicum.

Active Ingredient: Thiocyclam hydrogen oxalate 500g/kg

Features: Mode of Action: Selective stomach insecticide with contact action for lepidopterous and coleopterous pests; some dipterous and thysanopterous pests. Capable of acropetal translocation. blocks the synapsis of the central nervous system.

Chemical class: Nereistoxin


REI: when spray dries

PHI: French beans and Capsicum: 7, Tomatoes 3

days  when TAURUS 500 SP is used up to 49 days after planting.

Application Interval: 10 days

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