- Livestock Vaccine - Attenuated Theileria Annulata Vaccine



TAYLEDOLL is a live attenuated vaccine against Theileria annulata infection of cattle prepared from lymphoid cell cultures infected with Theileria annulata macroschizonts. Indications: Active immunization against tropical theileriosis of cattle. Composition per dose: Lenfoid cells infected by Theileria annulata schizonts: 1x107 DMSO:1.4 %. Target Species: Cattle over 3 months old.

  • Dosage and administration: Tayledoll is applied to cattle older than 3 months by subcutaneously at the dose of 2.5 ml per animal. Protective imunity occurs 45 days after vaccination. It is strongly reccomended that the vaccine be applied at least two months before the onset of the disease season which is generally varies on the climatic conditions of the region.
  • Packing: Vials of 5 doses injectable lymphoid cell suspension with 10 ml of vaccine diluent.
  • Storage: Vaccine vials are stored and delivered in liquid nitrogen tanks.
  • Destruction conditions: All used bottles should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements of Medicinal Wastes Control Legislation.

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