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- Fungicide, Tank Buffer & Plant Nutrient Water Soluble Fertilizer



Tazer is a concentrated, chloride free, water soluble fertilizer (0-52-32) with the lowest salt index of any fertilizer. Tazer is a EPA registered fungicide against powdery mildew; and a tank buffer (maintains distilled water at a pH of 4.5 +/-O.3) to optimize and extend the efficacy of most pesticides and herbicides. Tazer is now registered for use with Prudent fertilizers against many soil-borne and foliar diseases.

The Product

Tazer works for you in three ways. It’s non-toxic and powerful bio-pesticide for the control of powdery mildew and other plant diseases, a highly concentrated, yet very gentle, water soluble fertilizer, and a tank buffer and water conditioner to prevent alkaline hydrolysis.

The Plant Nutrient

Tazer contains over 50% P2O5 and 30% K2O, making it one of the most concentrated water soluble fertilzers available. Tazer is very gentle and has the lowest salt index of any fertilizer and will not cause phytotoxicity, even in high concentrations.

The Tank Buffer

Tazer is an excellent tank buffer and will buffer solutions to the pH recommended by most pesticide producers. Tazer eliminates alkaline hydrolysis, which can seriously impact the performance of commonly used pesticides. A one percent solution of Tazer in your pesticide tank will ensure optimal performance of each component.

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