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Model T - Broiler



T-Broiler is the newest belt system cage developed by Tecno Poultry Equipment for broiler growing.It has been designed in order to reduce cost and to maximize the profitability, considering the whole lifecycle of the cage, starting from the assembling and then proceeding to management  and maintenance.

This means:

  • Two to four times higher stocking capacity, as compared to floor production, with an increased utilization of the surface area and a reduction of energy consumption;
  • No straw litter, thus better hygienic growing conditions and  healthier  flocks; also, no additional costs for litter disposal;
  • Less feed wastage,  higher growth rate and better feed conversion rate;
  • Quick and easy cleaning and disinfection between each cycle;
  • Automatic transport of broilers to the collection point: reduction of labor costs and less rejects of broiler at slaughter.

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