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Model TC620XS - Mowers



The TC620XS mowers offer dual functionality in a single machine, with just a few, simple moves being all it  takes to switch between two different kinds of cut: classic grass and brushwood mowing, and mulch-mowing.


To set up the mower in Mulching mode, the drive unit is  turned 130° and the third point is moved to the opposite side. 

This locks the deflector in position, and completely closes the  body so that the grass is shredded by the twin-edged blade.

There are many advantages with this type of mowing: the  grass is cut very finely, and instead of needing to be collected  and disposed of, it becomes part of an organic soil recycling  process, saving not only time and money, but also the need  for fertilizer and water.


ll as front - with 540, 1000 and  2000 rpm PTOs - and rear linkage, the  TC620XS is available with a hydraulic  motor.

With an attachment that can be adapted  to most applications, the hydraulic motor version can be fitted to any tractor, operating machine or hydraulic arm without a  PTO by making just a few modifications,  such as fitting a set of 5 rollers instead  of - or along with - the 4 wheels.

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