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Model TCD series - 6 Row Transplanting Machine



The transplanting of tobacco plants  is a fundamental phase in the logistics of mechanization. A precise transplanting with 2 rows or 4 rows machines (inter row spaced 117 cm or 122 cm and with a distance between the plants of 30 cm or 40 cm) allows the producer to easily harvest tobacco leaves and to reduce labor costs, assuring moreover a large production.

Transplanting machine TCD series

The transplanting machine TCD series is specialized for the transplanting of plants and crops rooted in conic or piramidal shaped peat lumps. Available in different versions from 1 to 6 rows.
The machine is equipped with a universal 3 point connection and every element is activated by an independent wheel. The plants are distributed by a 10 hole distributor and the spacing between the plants and between the rows is fully adjustable.

Available accessories on request

  • Row tracers
  • Watering device with 300 litres tank
  • Turning tray with 6 elements
  • Lump separator
  • Microgranulator
  • Spreader

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