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Model TCI - Integrated Chassis Tanks



PICHON has been manufacturing TCI tanks  (integrated chassis tanks) for more than 45 years. This exclusive product improves the stability of the complete range of PICHON tankers. The tank is not fixed on an independent chassis, but is welded directly onto an integrated chassis, offering the lowest centre of gravity on the market.

Products that are 100% Made in France, and that adapt industrial technology to the world of agriculture, PICHON tanks offering an excellent brought from industrial technology for agriculture purpose, PICHON manufactures to high quality standards. PICHON guarantees unmatched quality and robustness by controlling every single step, from design through to build.

Since they are used to transport liquid products, the tankers must be fitted with one, two or three regulatory baffle plates, depending on their capacity.

The rolls and ends are assembled side-by-side, then manually welded on the interior and the exterior using a submerged arc welding process. In order to meet the applicable European directive standard (DESP) 97/23/CE, PICHON uses large square radius type ends that increase resistance to positive and negative pressure.

PICHON offers various tank thickness, from 5 to 8mm according to the size tanks, made of S235JRG2 grade steel with mechanical properties that are adapted to and compatible with hot dip galvanising.

All the TCI tanks are galvanised by total immersion in a zinc bath at 450°. The interior and exterior of the tank are coated and protected for maximum durability and resistance to even the most corrosive materials.

Tanks are available in recessed versions for users who need running gear with large-diameter wheels.  The total volume of the tank remains unchanged. PICHON offsets the recesses either with a larger tank diameter or by using slightly wider shells.

Each tank can be fitted with brackets so that users are able to upgrade their equipment. Tanker with brackets for autofillers or rear linkages  can later be adapted to offer a filling or spreading solution.

Thanks to its design, PICHON's tankers, are available with one , two or three axles  each one can meet the needs of users who want to work with all types of liquid.

  • DESP 97/23/CE-compliant tank
  • Integrated chassis
  • Internal and external hot dipped galvanised
  • Steel grade S235JRG2 class 1
  • Depending on the capacity, users may have to refer to the regulations in force.

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