Model T - Cultivating Drill Machine



Cultivating Drill Machine T27S (2.7m), T30S (3.0m) and T40S (4,0m) serves to cultivate the soil of all types to drill cereals and vegetables. Ploughing may be successfully replaced with using these machines. They are appropriate for opening the soil after winter ploughing, cultivating stubbles, etc. the machines are also adapted to work with seeder with operational width: T27S – 2.7m and T30S – 3m and T40S –4m. Working depth is regulated with back roller. The machines are typically equipped with a tubular roller.

These machine is equipped with:
  • two rows of disks, diameter 510mm manufactured by Italian companyOFAS
  • back tubular roller, diameter 500mm
  • seeder hydraulic crane with two hydrulic cylinder


  • two rows of disks diameter 560 OFAS
  • maintenance free-hub of SKF
  • regulated seeders roots
  • side panels
  • packer roller or rubber roller

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