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The Progressive TD92 tri-deck finishing mower has been long regarded as the benchmark of the turfgrass production industry. With a wide cutting swath of 22 feet, it is designed to be used with the tractors that are commonly found on turfgrass farms. This combination provides the most productive and cost effective mowing system available today. The TD92 delivers a quality of cut that is second to none while offering dependable long term service. Following extensive customer input, the Next Generation TD92 has several new features that will both enhance operation and reduce long term ownership costs. The next generation TD92 retains many of the same components and design features that have been field proven on over 2,100 older TD92's! Proudly built in North America, the Next Generation TD92 will be available with either painted or galvanized, bolt-on decks.

An 'Old' Deck - A New Design

Your choice: Galvanized or Painted Decks
Since 2007, Progressive has offered turfgrass mowers with heavy-duty, galvanized decks. Galvanized decks are ideal for Producers with farms that have highly acidic soils or where certain fertilizers can accelerate the corrosion of a painted deck. The Next Generation TD92 is offered with either traditional painted or galvanized decks for long term durability in harsh growing conditions.

Bolt-on Decks

Turfgrass Producers in some locations are faced with deck skin issues caused by abrasive or acidic soils or clippings. Progressive responded to this concern by introducing a deck design that bolts the deck skin to the deck frame structure rather than welding it. This allows producers to simply change out the deck skin years down the road if required. The TD92 and TD92G (Galvanized Deck) share the same bolt-on design, ultimately reducing long term ownership cost.

Heavier Spindle Mounting

Incorporated into each new deck frame are heavy spindle mounting plates that are designed to provide additional structural rigidity. The deck skin is now captured between each blade spindle and the mounting plate to control any flexing that may occur. The result is a superior, more accurate cut.

Now Deck Cleaning Is Easier Than Ever

Cross-contamination between crops is a concern for many producers, but not all producers can justify dedicated mowers for each crop, and cleaning can be time consuming. With this in mind, the new TD92 deck frames have been designed to greatly reduce cleaning time and minimize 'pockets' where clippings can collect. The deck cross member near the rear of each deck has been raised above the deck to provide a large wash-out area (see arrows). The wash-out area is blocked when the belt covers are installed, minimizing clipping entry.

Heavier Construction = Longer Service Life

The air flow hoops under each deck are a key part of the high quality cut that the TD92 is known for. The Next Generation TD92 hoops are made of heavier 3/16' plate, adding both increased life and rigidity to the deck for long term durability.

Improved Clipping Discharge

Efficient airflow is a key component of the overall design that provides the high quality of cut the TD92 is known for. With this in mind, the discharge opening of each deck has been made larger, aiding clipping dispersal. See illustration. By revising the discharge opening shape on the Next Generation TD92, 'fanning' of the clippings is increased when mowing either warm or cool season grasses, regardless if they are wet or dry.

Progressive has retained the high blade tip speed (over 18,800 fpm) which is another key component of the design.

Multi-position Hitch with 8 Different Height Positions

As tractor design evolves, so does Progressive! With new tractor models now on the market and a wider selection of available tire sizes and profiles, a revision to the hitch was required. As it is important that the main frame is level to the ground when mowing; a second hitch receiver has been added. The TD92 can accommodate a range of drawbar heights allowing the mower to be properly attached to a wide range of tractor / tire combinations. See arrows.

Designed Today for Convenience Tomorrow

It is a well-known fact that many TD92's remain in active service after operating 15 years plus in the field! Knowing this, Progressive Turf Equipment has designed the Next Generation TD92 to be even easier to rebuild down the road, which helps to control long term ownership cost. For instance, the Next Generation TD92 transport axle has been made bolt-on. See highlighted box. Now common with the Pro-Max 36 transport axle, if service to the axle spindle is ever required, it can be simply and economically replaced.

New Design Corner Pin

Several design changes have been made to the wing deck's corner pin, increasing durability and service convenience.

  1. A larger diameter corner pin for added durability and for added convenience the TD92 uses the same height adjustment spacers as the round swivel deck casters.
  2. A bolt-on mount plate has been added. This allows the plate to be turned so a new surface can be used. And when required, a new plate can be easily fitted.
  3. The corner pin structure has been strengthened and repositioned to accommodate the replaceable mount plate.

Pro-Teck Edge™ Fixed Blades

Progressive's fixed high lift and low lift blades feature the Pro-Teck Edge™, designed to keep a sharp edge longer. Pro-Teck is a hard surfacing embedded onto the underside of the blade and can lower ongoing maintenance costs as the frequency of blade removal and re-sharpening is greatly reduced.

PRO-EZ II™ Replaceable Tip Blades

Progressive's innovative PRO-EZ II Change™ Blade system lowers the cost of operation as only the blade tips need to be replaced, when re-sharpening is no longer feasible. PRO-EZ II installs on the same blade support bar as a Progressive fixed blade. Available in both high lift and low lift versions.

The new PRO-EZ II Change™ Blade system offers both extended service life and simplified assembly as it eliminates a spacer, a flat-washer, and requires only one wrench. For added convenience, the new fastener has NC threads so no metric hand tools or nuts are required!

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