Özdöken Tarım Mak.San ve Tic A.Ş

Model TDG TDG-M - Three Point Linkage Discharrow


Disk Harrows with Independent disks, which are gradually superseding of classic heavy-type disc harrows in Europe, are considered as new generation disc harrows due to its structure allowing serial use and the saving in fuel and labor it has provided. Model TDG disc harrow group is made of between 20 and 44 discs and suitable to the tractors ranged between 80 and 220 horsepower.

Independent Disc Structure

It can operate in heavily dampened soils by means of independent disc structure. 

Flexible Rubber Wedges

Thanks to the rubber wedges, the disks can move to front and back during any enforcement. Thus, no break or bending is seen with the discs or machine. Contrary to the classic type disc harrows, Özdöken Model TDG provides fuel saving when the tractor is driven in 2nd fast speed.

Durable Disk Bearings

Disk bearings are made of forged steel and protected with dirt seal.

Slide Batteries

There is an adjusting arm to make the front and back batteries slide according to the soil structure.

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