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Tea Harvesters


We at Ignition Products Pt. Ltd are engaged in manufacturing and supplying high quality agricultural equipments such as tea harvester, mechanized tea harvester, microlite tea harvester, tea sprayers and dusters using the state-of-art-manufacturing unit backed by well skilled manpower. Microlite Tea Harvesters (Single Person Held) Microlite tea harvester is a motor driven high performance powered machine. Run by automotive batteries, this machine is designed in such a way that even the women pluckers can carry it. The machine is highly suitable for even steep terrains. The battery chargers are provided for constant usage of machines.

Two Person Tea Harvesters
We design and manufacture two person tea harvesters. It is a mechanized tea harvester that cuts tea leaves by reciprocating blades. Two men operate this machine. It helps in maintaining the level of tea bushes facilitating in uniform growth. The harvested tea is collected into a bag hooked to the machine resulting in very high per cut output. This is powered by 1.8H.P two stroke I.C engine.

Sprayers & Dusters
We develop and export motorized knapsack sprayer cum duster (1.2 HP and 1.6 HP). This unit carry out the agricultural operations for plant protection, liquid mist blowing, dust blowing, wide dusting, high tree spraying, ultra light volume spraying and over shoulder spraying and dusting.

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