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- Model Microcast 70 - Granular Nematicide Applicator



The Microcast 70 is a low cost solution to application of granular products.  It is fitted with Apcal cartridges for applying starter fertiliser on seed drills or nematicides for potato growers.  It is available with a flexible number of outlets depending on your needs. It is shown above delivering starter fertiliser to the venturi on a Claydon drill so that the fertiliser is placed with the seed.  It can be fitted with an optional air assist kit to help the product flow through the delivery tube to the venturi if it is in danger of holding up.

  • 70 litre hopper
  • Straightforward use and calibration
  • GPS Forward speed sensor
  • In-cab rate control

  • All weather cover
  • For all granular products
  • Air assist kit

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