TECNO PIVOT - by RKD Irrigación S.L.

- Centre Pivot - Circular Irrigation System


TECNO PIVOT Circular Irrigation System: The sturdiest pivot. The pyramidal structure of the TECNO PIVOT central pivot is built up with galvanized-steel angular profiles and the bolts are anchored to a square reinforced concrete platform. Both of these result in the TECNO PIVOT pivot’s having a remarkable sturdiness and stability which allow it to handle the turning movements of the machine. The pivot is water-fed through a vertical inlet pipe and elbow, both made of galvanized steel of 8 5/8” (219mm) diameter, except model 450, which has a vertical pipe of 5 1/2” (139.7 mm) diameter. It contains a 13-way external electrical collector ring and an access ladder. The standard height of this pivot is 4,220m from the base to the centre of the elbow, and can be bigger in particular crops such as sugar cane, etc.

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