- Model 105 - Fruit Picking Machine



This is a fruit picking machine with conveyor belts of innovative design similar to the HERMES Tecnofruit 110. It is suitable for orchards that have spacing between the tree rows varying from 3.00 to 3.80 metres. Calling the Tecnofruit 105 the smaller brother of the Tecnofruit 110 would mean seriously underestimating the Tecnofruit 105. If we look at the size of the machine the relationship with the Tecnofruit 110 is crystal clear since the dimensions of the Tecnofruit 110 have been taken over lock, stock and barrel, but in relation, because the Tecnofruit 105 has been designed for smaller orchards with their slightly different demands.

The mechanical construction is very robust guaranteeing stability under all circumstances. It comes with standard features so complete that it can be used for nearly all operational activities (mechanical thinning out, dispenser, hail net maintenance, pruning of living and dead wood etc); it guarantees results (both in yield and in quality) that no other fruit picking machine can guarantee.
Its robust construction, its harvesting qualities, its speed and its versatility are all characteristics which only partly account for the overall quality of this truly innovative machine.
The Hermes Tecnofruit 105 is the ideal machine for large firms with spacing between the tree rows from 3.00 to 3.80 metres.

  • 4 cylinder 24 hp diesel engine
  • Max speed: 8km /h
  • Automatic stationary break
  • Self locking differential at the rear
  • 6 lateral conveyor belts
  • Speed of the conveyor belts can be hydraulically adjusted independent of engine revs.
  • 4 hydraulically operated lateral platforms adjustable by means of remote control
  • Can be driven manually with steering wheel or automatic steering by means of hydraulic feelers
  • Electro hydraulic emptying of bins
  • Double rear wheels
  • In built safety for the front operator
  • The central conveyor belt can be taken off to enable field jobs outside the picking season

  • Bin for industrial fruit
  • Platform for net maintenance
  • Double traction with shaft drive
  • Hermes bins trailer: semiautomatic bin carrier
  • Hermes bin carrier: basic version
  • Air compressor kit for 5/6 cutting shears (560 lt/min)

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