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With the trailed high speed precision planter Tempo F, crop establishment can be carried out at high speed without compromising exceptional precision and accuracy. The result is a unique combination of uniform crop establishment and high capacity. Behind the qualities of Tempo lie many years of development work by our engineers. This work was followed by thorough field testing in many countries, which was carried out in close collaboration with agricultural advisors and farmers. Tempo F is a trailed precision seed drill that is available in six-row and eight-row formats. There are four different row spacings to choose from. The eight-row version is equipped with extra support wheels that act as a hydraulic bogie to decrease vibrations in the field.

A new standard for precision at high speed

Väderstad Tempo sets a new standard for planting at a high speed. With Tempo, planting can be done at high speed and precision and accuracy remains exceptional. The result is an unique combination of even crop establishment and superior capacity.
When developing the seed meter for Tempo the aim was to plant 28 seeds/second. The result, the Gilstring Seed Meter, achieving impressive results even at the highest speeds. One of the key features is the pressurised seed transport, the so called PowerShoot.

With Väderstad E-Services, Tempo is ready for the future

The introduction of Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) and iPad Air into the Väderstad programme brings a range of advantages. From now on, our machines and equipment can be controlled with the help of wireless communication. User-friendliness, cost-effectiveness and ease of update are just some of the major advantages of the iPad Air solution compared with conventional systems. Väderstad’s control solutions are combined under the collective name of Väderstad E-Services.

Individual shut-off of row units

The electric drive of all seed meters makes it possible to shut off the row units one at a time, thereby saving seed and inputs in irregular fields. When seed metering is shut off, it is possible to shut off fertiliser metering and metering of microgranules if the machine has these functions. It is also possible to completely shut off fertiliser and microgranule metering and just continue to meter out seed. In fields with varying soil texture and humus content, it is also easy to adjust the fertiliser dose and seed rate from the cab on the go.

Robust row unit

The Tempo row unit is designed for planting at high speed with minimal requirement of service. All joints in the row unit are maintenance free. The heavy duty parallel linkage is designed to be able to transfer weight to the row unit.

In order to minimize vibrations from high speed the row unit is equipped with trailed gauge wheels

The gauge wheels on Tempo are trailed (1) instead of pushed (2), which is the usual solution on precision seed drills. The great advantage with trailed carrying wheels is that the machine is easier to draw and that the vibrations in the row units decrease.

Three types of closing wheel

There are three different types of closing wheel to choose from. In addition to the standard model there is a wider version that is recommended for very shallow drilling of small-seeded crops. It can be difficult to close the seed furrow on clays with a high clay content, so for that we recommend the spiked closing wheel.

Tested for many crops

Seed plates are available in different versions for maize and sunflower. The seed plate to be used depends on the thousand grain weight. In addition, Tempo can be used for drilling soybean, millet, sorghum, sugar beet, oilseeed rape and cotton. A seed plate for maize with 32 holes and a diameter of 5.5 mm is standard and other seed plates are available as options.

Hydraulic support wheel

The six-row Tempo F has hydraulic support wheels that also function as transport wheels. The eight-row Tempo F has two extra support wheels which are coupled together to a hydraulic bogie unit, ensuring the load on all wheels is the same in the field, giving the machine a smoother ride on uneven ground

Combidrilling for more secure cropping

Combidrilling gives a reliable fertiliser effect and often gives higher yield.With a precision seed drill, it is also important that the fertiliser coulters do not disturb the surface so much that the carrying wheels on the row units are affected, which would alter the drilling depth, or that the seedbed is affected, which would impair the germination conditions.

Tempo F 6 combi has a 1250-litre fertiliser tank and Tempo F 8 1700-litre.

The high speed precision planter Tempo F is equipped with disc fertiliser coulters as standard and the fertiliser coulters are spring-loaded and can be subjected to up to 150 kg/coulter.

Tempo is not only quick; the perfect seed placement is what really makes it stand out from the crowd. Tempo is more accurate and the seed meter assures perfect placement for every seed. This precision is of greatest importance to maximise the yield.

The seed meter, called the Gilstring Seed Meter, and the seed tube is pressurised. This means that the seed is 'shoot' through the short seed tube and is therefore insensitive for both slopes and vibrations. We call this technology PowerShoot.

On the new version of the Gilstring Seed Meter there is an easy to use seed emptying device. This is an advantage for customer planting many different varieties every day.

Maintenance free linkage
Press wheel
Closing wheel (25mm)
Seed discs
Simple service
Alternator for independent power generation

Row cleaners
Micro granulate
22 mm seed system
Fertiliser coulters
Hydraulic folding
Marker arms
Hydraulic or PTO-powered fan
Elevated air inlet
Wide closing wheel (50 mm)
Spiked closing wheels
Väderstad E-Services
Filling auger
Agitating shaft

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