- Model 103 - Manual Poultry Weighing Scale



The Chick Scale 103 is a portable, highly affordable manual weighing scale for poultry farms. It runs on rechargeable batteries that last up to 8 hours. Designed for convenient use, birds can be weighed while hanging or in a bucket. Up to 9 separate batches of weights can be stored in its internal memory.

The unit delivers the following precise information:

  • Average weight of all the birds, standard deviation and the CV
  • Number of birds weighed
  • Weight histogram with 25 grams increments.

All information may be recalled at the unit itself, or downloaded to a PC with an included PC program.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum Weight: 10 Kg

Precision: 5 gr.

Display:  4 digits

Power Supply: 100 VAC to 240 VAC 50/60Hz

USB cable: standard USB

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