Teo Teknikk as

- Model 1500 HDK - Tipper


The Teo Tipper is an hydraulic box tipper that will handle any box size up to 1500 kg and 160 cm width, without any kind of adjustments. Boxes can be tipped 180 degrees to either side and held in the required position. An hydraulic side grip is holding the box (on the two inner side corners) thus leaving a full opening for emptying.

The Teo Tipper requires only one double acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor/forklift. An electric operated shuttle valve is used for operating the side grip cylinders, that holds the box firmly before and under tipping. The side grips are secured by a hold valve and safety switch, making it possible to release the box while being tipped.

The fork arms can easily be slided sidewise to fit Euro-pallets and various boxes. Each fork arm has underneath a hardened wear plate that prolongs the lifetime of the arm when in heavy use on concrete floors.

The side grips swing backwards as the tipper gets in touch with the box. This makes it possible to remove a single row of boxes in a store, even if the rows of boxes are stacked close together. The side grips automaticly reverts to the forward position when engaged for gripping.

Connection to tractor / forklift

  • The same mounting brackets are used for forklifts (with 1000-2500 kg lifting capasity) as for the Trima and Kjällvefront-end loaders.
  • Separate brackets is available for the Ålö Quicke front-end loaders.
  • Other types can be ordered specially.
  • If the tractor / forklift dose not have a double-action hydraulic outlet, a shuttle valve can be fitted to the tractor’s bucket cylinder or the forklift’s tilt cylinder.

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