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Terra Control consolidates the soil protecting it against hydraulic and wind erosion. Even on the areas where the climate is temperate, soil layers that are exposed are particularly at risk of wind and water erosion.

Superficial fertile layers may be dragged off and the seeds, whose roots have usually the function of stabilizing the subsoil layers, do not stay in place. As a consequence, the risk for landslides is very high on the surfaces of slopes, landfills, and river banks – remedies for these situations are often time expensive and quite onerous.

Effective solutions are needed in order to avoid such useless and expensive damages. This is very important because environmental impact needs to be reduced especially in those areas where landscape is to be preserved. Examples are slopes, landfills, quarries, ski runs, roads and natural paths, golf courses, etc.

Terra control SC823: a membrane that breaths in order to protect soil and seeds effectively.

  • It performs as a ‘liquid crust’ to stabilize the soil surface
  • It prevents soil erosion caused by wind and water
  • It creates a three-dimensional grid on the most superficial centimeters of the soil surface stabilizing it
  • It prevents the clogging of the superficial pores
  • It is ideal for suppressing dust in debris deposits and landfills
  • It fastens precious seeds on the soil crum, improving also the effectiveness of the grassing
  • It fosters the germination and the growth of the plants
  • It does not hinder rain or oxygen to penetrate the soil
  • It retains moisture in the soil and protects the soil and the plants from drying up
  • It allows to save water during dry periods

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