- Model T4-30 - Beet Harvester



Machine of the year 2014', the Terra Dos T4 offers a unique range of functions, user-friendliness, power, stability and comfort in an ideal combination with minimal user input!  Beet lifting any time and anywhere! This is how HOLMER tanker harvesters have been revolutionizing agricultural engineering since 1974. The Terra Dos T4 is another milestone in the beet harvesting technology produced by the world‘s number 1. The T4 is a per fect combination of experience based innovation and careful manufacturing using the highest quality materials. It provides optimal results even under most difficult harvesting conditions.

Some of the outstanding features:

  • High-performance, customizable scalping, lifting and cleaning units
  • Excellent turning capability due to a pivoting range of more than 60°
  • Maximum soil protection due to offset track driving and the largest possible Terra tires, with MICHELIN Ultra Flex IF 800/70 R38 and just 1.4 bar of air pressure on the front axle, and MICHELIN 1050/50 R32 on the rear axles - with a tire pressure of 1.9 bar in case of the Terra Dos T4-40
  • New HOLMER comfort cab II for maximum driving comfort and user-friendliness thanks to the HOLMER SmartDrive with Jog Dial and EasyTouch operation

The Terra Dos T4 from HOLMER combines user-friendly innovations with robust, world-wide proven technology and maximum efficiency - the perfect setting for a quality harvest.

  • Mercedes-Benz engine with 460 kW (626 HP), AdBlue technology and Turbo-Compound for a cost-efficient, energy-saving drive with enormous power and ample performance reserves
  • HOLMER EcoPower for automotive adaptive control of the engine speed and all of the hydraulic drive mechanisms, for an ideal ope-rating point in both economical and ecological terms
  • Innovative chassis concept for maximum traction, stability and comfort

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