- Model 82 - Tractor


The Terra Trac 82 combines power practical technology and an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Terra Tec Series tractors are rugged, low-maintenance workhorses available for a very affordable price. Despite the low cost, all key components are sourced from top brand manufacturers. Unnecessary electronics were eliminated to reduce chances for errors and to enable the customer to perform many service and repair tasks himself. This eliminates expensive downtime while the tractor is in a service garage and enhances the overall value of this machine. Sound technology at an affordable price. The 4WD Terra Trac 82 features extraordinary maneuverability and a compact size, which make it the ideal tractor for barn, yard, and farm work. Also available with optional front-loader.

Basic equipment:

  • Fully glazed cabin with AC and heater
  • 16 + 8 (f/r) Transmission with creeper gear
  • 4x H4 type flood lights
  • Hydrl. power steering
  • 2 aux. double acting control modules
  • 3-point linkage cat.II
  • 4WD disengageable
  • Adjustable track width
  • Shuttle shift
  • 4-Cylinder turbo engine with 82 hp (EURO3)
  • LUK clutch
  • FIAT axle
  • PTO 540/1000
  • Front weights
  • Rear weights
  • German street approval
  • More Options available on enquiry

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