- Model TS45 - Skid Steer Loader


The Terra Skid Steer Loader TS45 adopts skid steer technology. Two varable pumps supply the hydraulic energy to impulse the two motors to revolve and export torque to drive the machine. This loader has two levers (left and right) to control the forward,backward, turning and wheeling of the machine. The TS45 has great ability to surmount the barrier and can work and wheel in narrow space and uses an auto-levelling system to make the lifting and falling safe and quickly, so the efficiency is very high. The various attachment can be assembled or disassembled very quickly due to the existing quick connection.

Basic equipment:

  • 4 Cylinder Diesel engine with 36kW/50hp.
  • permanent 4WD
  • Bondioli&Pavesi hydraulic
  • Auto-levelling
  • Quick connection
  • Max. payload 500kg
  • Tyres 10.0/75-15.3
  • Bucket (0.4m3)

Optional Equipment:

  • Pallet fork
  • 4in1 bucket
  • Grab bucket
  • Digger
  • Chipping hammer
  • backhoe

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