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The HOLMER Terra Variant is the new, economical concept for tomorrow’s commercial fertilizer injection systems. The highest-performing self-propelled slurry vehicle on the market offers impact and plenty of power reserves in every situation. It allows shorter and shorter processing windows to be used effi ciently. Its large-volume tires, offset-track driving, high tractive power and an extraordinary transport volume improve both process performance and soil protection..

Safe to use and optimally adjusted for incorporating valuable organic fertilizers, the Terra Variant offers top-quality modern technology along with the greatest comfort. In addition to fertilizer injection technology, it is also available with attachments for sugar-beet and grain transport, solid-matter spreading, mineral-fertilizer incorporation and sowing. This innovative vehicle concept from HOLMER is setting new standards in the highest class of system vehicles, in the areas of cost-effectiveness, impact, reliability and soil protection.

Welcome to the big leagues

The Terra Variant, with its proven ZUNHAMMER slurry technology, is the highest-performing response to the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s agriculture. Whether you are facing high mineral-fertilizer prices, stricter regulations for slurry injection and environmental protection, or the correspondingly shorter processing windows for organic commercial fertilizers – the Terra Variant reduces transit and work processes, thereby reducing the costs of crop production.

Soil protection due to a larger base area

During the injection process, the load is evenly distributed among four large Terra tires. Compared to drawn technology, this transmits the payload and tractive force evenly in crab steering mode, while simultaneously ensuring optimal slip values. The chassis of the Terra Variant thus protects the soil structure and vegetation in the long term. Combined with customizable attachment devices, the Terra Variant effectively incorporates valuable organic commercial fertilizer into vegetation or over stubble, in an environmentally friendly and soil-protective way – even with a full payload.

Impact through tank volume

The 598-horsepower self-driving vehicle, with a tank volume of 21 m3 and a VOGELSANG pump system, uses a divided process to ensure reliably high daily outputs of up to 160 m3/h along with optimal incorporation. Compared to conventional self-driving technology, the enormous tank volume reduces trips to suppliers by up to 40%. This extends the effective working times for the injection process, reduces the number of empty trips at the headlands, and creates the maximum impact.

Efficiency through logistics

The fast, cost-effective delivery of commercial fertilizer is handled by special suppliers in separate processes, which are optimally coordinated for road transport. That achieves low fuel and wear costs for all of the vehicles in the entire slurry injection system.

The slurry-injection system of tomorrow is already here. It’s not just a machine – it’s the Terra Variant concept.

  • Efficient power-to-weight ratio
  • Intake while idling
  • Up to 160 m3/h with an injection rate of 25 m3/ha
  • Low diesel consumption
  • Maximum base area with an outside width of just 3.00 m
  • Loading and unloading the three-point mount for slitting technology

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