- Model TN - Chisel Plough



TERRALAND TN is a chisel plough that enables inexpensive, fast and deep soil tillage up to a depth of 65 cm. The unique design of the tines allows all types of soil to be treated whilst requiring the use of less horsepower. In practice is appropriate to use the machine in range of depths of 25–55 cm, thus disturbing compressed soil layers and providing an  all round healthier soil profile. The frame is made of high-strength Alform steel.

  • Intensive tillage up to depths of 65 cm.
  • Rigid and solid frame.
  • Made of high-strength Alform steel.
  • 3 times angled operating elements ensure easy soil penetration.
  • Extremely high throughput of the machine. The frame height is 79/89 cm.
  • Disrupting compressed layers paving the way for moisture to roots.
  • Quick-Change system – easy exchange of double sided chisels.

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