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Bednar’s Terraland chisel plough from Knight Farm Machinery could help users protect their soils against wind and water erosion. The machine – which can work up to 65 cms deep - offers a viable alternative to ploughing, and is proving popular with farmers looking to restructure damaged soils, such as those growing a substantial acreage of root crops. The machine’s rear roller creates a well consolidated and levelled surface The teeth on the roller produced a very clear pattern of divots. Any rain or irrigation water falling on the soil would collect there rather than run across the surface and have time to percolate into the soil.

These divots would also cause eddying of the wind, which would lift the main air stream off the ground, so reducing the surface windspeed and its ability to lift and carry soil particles.

The Terraland is made from high-strength Alform steel, which offers great durability and strength, enabling it to work in the harshest conditions. Yet the 3m machine needs only 180hp – 200hp to work.

The profile of the cultivating legs has three different operating angles, the first aiding penetration; the second designed to break deep set compaction, and the third completing a thorough soil and trash mixing operation before the rear roller consolidates the soil profile.

The legs are set in two rows with a 40cm gap between them. They are hydraulically protected, so they trip out of work and reset themselves to avoid stones and buried obstacles without disrupting or delaying work.

While Bednar offer a range of options on all elements of the machine, for UK the standard equipment will include 80mm chisel points, although 40mm and carbide/hardfaced versions of both sizes are available.

  • Intensive deep cultivation down to 650mm
  • Good frame clearance for high throughput
  • Twin row “Spiky Packer” breaks and levels clods
  • Hydraulic depth control
  • Unique tine design give good mixing in most soils
  • High stength frame made from Alform steel

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