Model TerraMix - Two-Beam Wing Share Cultivator



The two-beam wing share cultivator can cope with any challenge thrown up during conventional soil cultivation. Its optimum construction ensures blockage-free work, excellent crumbling of the soil and the perfect incorporation of crop residues.

When producing efficient drying plants the following features have to be considered with the speed of the airstream like the status of maturity, structure of grain, the balance humidity, condition of the dry air, speed of evapuration.

Since more than 37 years RIELA deals with drying of grain, maize, rape seed, sunflowers and similar products and is today one of the leading manufacturers of efficient drying plants.

Mobile Dryer

  • RIELA-Continuous or Re-Circulating Dryer mobile in aluminium design
  • galvanized version
  • perforated stainless stell plates
  • warm air generator with branded oil burner
  • for grain, green spelt, legumes, maize, rape and sunflowers
  • optional available in stationary version
  • available with direct or direct/indirect heating (by switching)
  • optional supply with natural gas or propane instead of oil
  • energy input oil only 1,1 l per ton heavy grain per 1% humidity extraction
  • energy input natural gas only 1,5 m³ per ton heavy grain oer 1% humidity extraction

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