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- Lawn Fertilizer Granulate Material


The better lawn fertilizer with long time effect for tough lawns. This lawn fertilizer granulate material is constructed for a gentle constant power and has proved itself for many years. The construction manner is by the unique rolling procedure, a guarantor for a form-stable product, no resolution phenomena with strong rainfall, the containing fertilizer are protected against leaching.

The result is worthy of notice:

  • No combustion of the lawn by resigning fertilizer after varying showers and sunshine.
  • Sports lawns let forget the base of the contained organic-mineral components (NPK) new formula 10-2-4, magnesium and iron, publicly strongly popular green arrangements and play race, fast the mechanical charges.
  • Dark Peat substrates to the better water storage and plant care
  • Improves North German high-class peat mixtures and high-quality fertilizer additions as a granulate material
  • An output over easy litter carriages, or with the fertilizer shovel (to recommend only for skilled people)
  • Steady plant care, thereby lasting active effect and saving on working hours.
  • A strong plant colour, without shadow education for the best lawn optics by addition of trace elements like iron and magnesium oxide.
  • Lawns like from expert hand, please the owner and leave a mental satisfaction.

Processing / output:

  • The first fertilization in spring
    • It can take place when required also between
  • The second fertilization in autumn
  • By a standard-fertilizer litter carriage, or with the fertilizer shovel
  • With dry periods 2-3 days after the decision water

Packaging unities:

  • 3 kg PE bag for 85 m²
  • 5 kg PE bag for 142 m²
  • 10 kg PE bag for 284 m²
  • 20 kg PE bag for 570 m²

also loose product in 1800 l Big Bag available.

Declaration of the contents materials:

  • Whole nitrogen (N) 11.5%
  • Whole phosphorus (P) 2.3%
  • Whole potassium (K) 4.1%
  • Magnesium (mg) 0.8%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.1%
  • Organic mass 78.0%

Durability and storage:

  • Keep away from children and animals securely.
  • Original packaging camps down drily
  • opened bags well close, against strong warming and direct solar radiation protect, nitrogen can escape after longer storage, check if applicable the product for salary.
  • Avoid skin contact, protective gloves use, hands wash thoroughly.

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