- Seeder



3.00, 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 m mounted air seeders with 2 centre suspended sections (not 3 m rigid model) ensuring flexible construction and a total contour following of the field. 3 rows of harrow tines with 3 different optional roller types - depending on the soil type. In front the Terra-Seeder is mounted with Spring-Board levelling bar, which guarantees an excellent levelling effect, and clods are crushed effectively. The Spring-Board levelling bar is height adjustable via spindles. The air seeder´s fan is available with hydraulic fan transmission driven directly via the tractor´s hydraulic system or available with Vario-drive driven by the tractor´s PTO. The seed hopper can hold 1,500 l gross. Terra-Seeder is available with seeding via drilling tines, towage coulter or rolling coulter.

  • 4, 5 and 6 m models have hydraulic folding to a transport width of 3.0 m. eed-Controller - electronic tramline computer with surveillances.
  • Strong hydraulic marker set for horizontal position.          
  • Seed hopper can hold 1,500 l gross.

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