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- Model 34 - Forwarder/Harvester


Terri 34 is the latest of the Terri forestry machines. Just like its predecessors it is a light, flexible machine, easy to use on all sorts of land. This new generation has, however, been developed on several important details. In order to increase both the loading area (1,5 m2, 1860 or sq ft) and the stability, the machine has been made wider, to 1.9 meters (6,2 ft). The three-wheel bogie has increased the driver comfort and the cabin has been raised for improved vision. Another important improvement is the enhanced engine capacity, to approximately 60 hp.

Engine: Perkins turbo diesel
Effect: 45,5 kW at 3000 rpm
Engine torque: 189 Nm at 1800 rpm
Cooling system: Liquid cooled
Electrical system: 12V, generator 85 A
Top speed: Aprox. 19 km/h (or 11,80 m/h)
Power transmission: Hydrostatic, 3 speeds
Grapple loader: Mowi P30
Range: 5,7 m (or 18,7 ft)
Track width: 490 mm (or 1,6 ft)
Track length: 1200 mm c/c (or 3,9 ft)
Ground pressure, back: 0,46 kg/cm2
Maximum total weight: 8500 kg (or 18,739 lb)
Largest width, front: 1900 mm (6,23 ft)
Largest width, back: 1900 mm (6,23 ft)
Height: 2900 mm (9,51 ft)
Length, total: 6,0 – 6,75 m (or 19,68 ft-22,14 ft)
Ground clearance: 400 mm (or 1,31 ft)
Loading area: 1,5 m2, 3600 kg (or 2325 sq ft, 7936 lb)

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