- Turnkey Platform for Landowners


We have a turnkey platform for landowners – from tree varieties to markets.  Pongamia is genetically diverse; some trees do not yield well.  With exclusive partners, we have carefully selected and tested varieties of pongamia for their ability to yield well.   We have filed patents on these varieties, and we continue to improve them via non-GMO methods.  We also have built proprietary relationships with market leaders in biofuels, biochemicals and animal feed.

The heart of any crop development program is germplasm selection.  Together with our partners, we have evaluated pongamia varieties in their native environments for over a decade, carefully cataloguing various important agronomic traits such as growth, shape, disease and pest resistance, flowering, seed yield, and seed oil content.  The best pongamia varieties were then subjected to clonal propagation, in order to deploy 'true to type' varieties in fields.  Through a 2011 National Science Foundation Grant, we also began to develop molecular markers for pongamia breeding in collaboration with UC Davis and Texas A&M University.

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