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- Automated Bird Harvesting Cage Systems for Broilers Growing



Combining the advantages of cage and floor technologies has created ideal conditions for growing of broiler chickens. The equipment allows to receive up to 130 kg of meat in live weight from 1 square meter of floor of the poultry house for 1 cycle of cultivation. Application of cage technology makes it possible to increase production capacity by 3-4 times in comparison with the floor. The system of the automated unloading of birds makes it possible to reduce the number of service personnel to minimum and to plan the speed of unloading.

Advantages of the equipment:

  • Cage equipment is made of stainless steel with a zinc coating of the first class (18-40 mm); 
  • Reinforced carrying racks and galvanized fasteners are applied;
  •  Low operating costs and long duration of the equipment;
  • Effective reduction of electric energy consumption by 10-15 times compared to incandescent lamps and by 2-3;
  • Times compared to luminescent and energy-saving lamps;
  • Automation of all technological processes in the poultry house (feeding, drinking, lighting, manure removal, poultry move-out);
  • Innovative KoChiBo feeding system provides access to the feed from the first days of chicken life and reduces the loss of forage.

Free services:

  • Creation of technology projects, flow charts of production of meat and eggs;
  • Preparation of feed rations based on customer’s requests;
  • Poultry farm staff training
  • Implementation of supervision work ;
  • Commissioning;
  • Warranty service;
  • Periodic monitoring of technical condition and operating characteristics of the equipment;
  • Technology Center provides complete technological support during all cycles of broilers growing (on-line consultation and visiting of farms).

Additional services:

  • Supply of materials for electric installation work;
  • Complete turnkey installation;
  • After-sales service;
  • Service support;
  • Holding the hardware diagnostics, preventive and scheduled repairs.

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