Bellon Mit

Model TFU - Rotary Mower


The utility rotary mower TFU is the smallest and most maneuverable among the mowers Bellon Mit. It is designed for 10 to 25 hp tractors (8 to 19 kw). It is extremely lightweight and easy to mount. It can be installed to the front of a tractor with PTO at 540/1000/2000 rpm to be towed with a 3-point hitch Cat. I or with a linkage triangle Cat. 0. Its compact design reduces significantly all contingent bumps making the machine nimble and reactive. The mower has two drums with brake discs which in case of obstacles return to their neutral position. A lower disc that spins freely allows the blades to adapt to any surface. Due to the equipped free-wheel transmission in oil-bath, maintenance on this machine can be reduced to a periodic check of the oil level and of the blades.

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