- Model TFVJ - INDO - Forestry Mulcher



Ventura Junior Forestry Mulcher, is designed to power tractors from 50 to 130 hp. Is able to shred branches, bushes and trunks up to 200 mm in diameter. For all types of forests, gardening, pruning and planting agricultural use. Compact and robust frame made from steeling sheet. SPBX toothed transmission belts rotor shaft with 360 flating hammers wear resistant steel. Forged hammers for a long life and heavy work. rear door guard with hydraulic opening. Steel skig with a depth regulation.

Standard equipment:

  • Freewheel included in the group
  • Wear plate rotor.
  • Hydraulic tailgate
  • Including transmission.


  • Transmision
  • Arc protection.
  • Barra lying back
  • Reverse gearbox

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