- Model Microbe Maxx - Organic Soil inoculant/additive


The most comprehensive, all encompassing combination of beneficial microorganisms ever employed in one product. An organic soil additive that stimulates soil health and assists in solubilizing minerals in the soil for more efficient uptake. Deserving of it’s name, Microbe MAXX guarantees 2 trillion cfu’s per 40 gram dose. Among it’s benefits, Microbe MAXX reduces applied moisture and decreases fertilizer usage. Microbe MAXX assists greatly in solubilizing phosphates and mobilizing potassium for easier and more efficient uptake of nutrients. When combined with Seed MAXX, a microbial seed inoculant, it results in profuse root development and increased yields of quality crops. Microbe MAXX is based on an advanced scientific approach. Combining the benefits of new technological solutions, using naturally occurring soil organisms. It maintains a balanced, efficient, and effective microbial environment that decreases pressures from pathogens, while reducing fertilizer, water, and p

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