Model TH 3037 - Silage Trailer



The new KIRCHNER silage-trailer were developed by using the approved technology of the professional manure spreaders. The trailer-frameworks are therefore executed very robustly. This leads to a high stability and driving safety of the machine.The side-boards made of trapezium metals with lateral screwed supports is conceived weight reduced but very stably.The conical steel-platform ensures a fast and easy unloading and is driven hydraulic over an oil-bath gearbox.The feeder drive-shaft and the drive-wheels can be greased very comfortably over two central lines from the outside of the frame.

The hydraulic tailgate can be opened completely, the grid and hole-metals on the front offers a good view on cargo and the front sprocket wheels.

When required it is also possible to equip the trailer with two horizontal rotors and mechanical drive. The drive of the rotors is carried out over a pto-shaft with acting pin-type safety clutch.

All trailers are equipped with ball-coupling K80 (on request with other types possible), hydraulic tailgate with mechanical locking, hydraulically steering-axle, hydraulic support, hydro-pneumatic drawbar-suspension, low-pressure tires and a hydraulic feeder-drive in series.

Available as tandem-trailer with 37 and 42 m3 of volumes or as Tridem with 47 m3 volume.

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