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Model TH2 - Sprayer



Massive height clearance and width adjustability, this tracked power unit offers a versatile machine to handle a variety of crops, vineyards and nurseries. The TH2 covers fields fast and efficiently with the following performance features:

  • The 16” wide rubber tracks adjust to 88 to 132 inches in width, extending the tracks to a staggering 144 inches in length.
  • A low center of gravity, weight is distributed to allow the TH2 to sit comfortably on steep hillsides and uneven terrain.
  • Its low impact ground pressure lessons operator damage to plant roots, offers less soil compaction and the ability to operate in moist conditions.

From wet drops and broadcast spray systems to granular fertilizer spreaders, the TH2 is customizable to your crop needs. Options of
additional attachments including pre-pruners, hedgers and trimmer s, flail and rotary mowers all easily mount to the machine frame.

The TH2 is powered with a John Deer 4-cylinder 173 HP diesel engine. Transferring power hydrostatically to two independent carriage drive motors, as well as optional auxiliary drives for attachments, the TH2 also offers a hydraulically censored track tensioning control system.

Engine Option:

  • John Deere 4-cylinder 115 HP

Hydraulic Options:

  • 3-point hitch and PTO
  • Front and/or rear category II 3-points with 1200 lbs. lift capacity


  • Pre-pruners and trimmers
  • Hedgers
  • Flail and rotary mowers
  • Custom implements

Spray System:

  • Broadcast boom
  • Drop boom sections
  • Hypro-centrifugal or diaphragm spray pump
  • Spray booms in a variety of sizes
  • Raven spray controller
  • In-cab joystick controller
  • Pressurized wet drops
  • Air assist systems
  • Fertilizer spreaders

Rubber Track Option:

  • 12' narrow gauge tracks

  • Engine: John Deere 4-cylinder 173 HP
  • Cab: Pressurized cabin with sound insulation | Charcoal air filtration system | Climate control (A/C, heat, defrost)
  • Ground Clearance: Tunnel clearance 108”
  • Width Adjustment: Track width adjustable on-the-go (88” to 132” or 96” to 144”)
  • Rubber Tracks: Positive nonslip drive system | 16” wide tracks
  • Hydraulic: 30 gal. minute load sense | High-pressure circuit and 15 GPM low pressure circuit on each side
  • Ground Pressure: 4.5 to 6.5 PSI
  • Spray System: Hypro HM1 or HM4 centrifugal pump | 300 gallon poly tank | Unique air-blast full coverage spray configuration available

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