Logset Oy

Model TH55 - Harvester Head



TheTH55head has been designed for second and third thinning but it is also suitable for smaller clear cuts. TheTH55can be equipped with multiple stem handling option to enable trouble fee collection of multiple trunks.Reaction rod design provides optimal centring of the stem for accurate length measuring. The log is measured by sensors both on the top knives (diameter) and by hydraulic measuring wheel (length). Proportional valves with check valve locks provide low friction without compromising the firm grip.

  • Width, head open, mm 1 420
  • Width, head closed, mm 1 200
  • Height with rotator and link, mm 1 820
  • Weight with rotator and link, kg 1 000
  • Max. felling/cutting diameter, mm 650
  • Saw bar with SuperCut saw unit, mm 750
  • Number of hydraulic motors, pcs 4
  • Feeding spedd, m/s 6.0/4.7 (300 l/min)
  • Delimbing knives, pcs 1 static, 3 movables
  • Wheeled base machine, t 14-18
  • Tracked base machine, t 16-20

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