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Model TH75 / TH75X - Harvester Head



TheTH75harvester head is manufactured for bigger clear-cuts and heavy trees. With its four fast hydraulic motors and its three steel feed rollers, power and strength are the given key words. Based on experience, Logset have been able to further improve the reliability and life time of our heads. TheTH75has a relatively short chassis, weighs in at only 1300kg and is perfectly matched to our mid and large sized harvesters, the 8H and 10H. The design is also strong enough to sustain track based machine applications.

  • Weight: 1240 kg
  • Max Single Pass:650 mm
  • Feeding force:24/31 kN
  • Max feeding diameter:740 mm

  • Width, head open, mm 1 700
  • Width, head closed, mm 1 370
  • Height with rotator and link, mm 2 030
  • Weight with rotator and link, kg 1 300
  • Max. felling/cutting diameter, mm 750
  • Saw bar with SuperCut saw unit, mm 820
  • Number of hydraulic motors, pcs 4/2 (X model)
  • Feeding spedd, m/s 5.6/4.4 (300 l/min)
  • Delimbing knives, pcs 2 statics, 4 movables
  • Wheeled base machine, t 18-22
  • Tracked base machine, t 19-24

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