Model THB2060 - Square Hay Baler



THB3060 Square Hay Baler It consists of raking grass implement, collecting implement, piston-punching implement, knot implement and flywheel implement, etc. The dimension of the full machine is length: 4.0m, width: 2.3m,height: 1.3m. The weight of the full machine is 1000kg. The gathering breadth is 1.44m. The section size of the grass sheaf is 0.32m×0.42m. The length of the grass sheaf is between 0.3m and 1.0m with adjusting. Its power is 25-50HP. The machine is mainly used in gathering pasture, paddy and wheat straw. It can work automatically. Also it is easy to transport, stockpile and deep processing. The machine is appropriate to work in the farm and grass field. You can adjust the length and density of the grass sheaf according to crop condition, transportation and stockpile request.

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