The Hopper

The Hopper is an all-steel hopper, made of 16-gauge steel. The Hopper's belting is made from industrial strength belting and is fastened around the top edge so that it can mould itself to the bottom of the bin to stop grain from spilling out while auguring. This belting also prevents the negative effects that wind can have when auguring your product from the bins. The Hopper has a foam barrier between your auger and the hopper to stop grain from vibrating out. The Hopper is held onto your auger by a simple ratchet strap.

The Hopper has an adjustable jack that fits into a collar at the end of the auger to hold your hopper and auger tight to the bin so there is no spilling. The other feature of the jack is to hold your auger off the ground when in storage. You put the jack in the top hole loosen the ratchet strap and flip the hopper to keep out all the weather elements.

The Hopper can stay on your auger for transportation. Simply pull the jack out of the collar and install the factory hitch.

The Hopper is designed to attach easily to any auger. The Hopper is fairly light so it makes taking The Hopper on and off very easy. 

If you have a Sakundiak or Meridian auger, you can simply just put The Hopper onto the auger, all other auger brands will require you to weld on a collar (which we supply) securely to the auger. To watch how to install the colar go to the youtube link. 

The Hopper comes in six models: 6 7 8 10 12 13 inch auger. We paint mild steel hoppers black or have Stainless hoppers for augers that working with fertilizer. 

The Hopper cleans out so there is only half a shovel full of product left over, which can be cleaned out through a cleanout door.

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