The Treatment of Manure


Facts: The keeping of farm animals produces huge amounts of manure. Manure contains valuable nutrients for crop farming and can be used as agricultural fertilizer. The direct use of this manure as agricultural fertilizer is only possible between crop rotations. The storage of manure requires a lot of space and causes odour problems due to the high moisture content.

Why Treat Manure?

  • Composting ensures that the manure is quickly dried and hygienated Decomposting transforms the digestate into compost.
  • Valuable plant nutrients are not wasted and the compost created is homogeneous and suitable for storage. The lower moisture content and volume mean that the cost of transporting the compost to the plant is reduced considerably.
  • Compost is a stabilised organic fertiliser with an average to high nutrient content which can be safely stored and easily spread.
  • Compost releases the nutrients it contains slowly and evenly to the plants and has a positive influence on the humus balance

The usage of compost in the agricultural sector improves soil fertility and reduces costs for mineral fertiliser.

Why a BACKHUS Turner?

When composting manure the BACKHUS turner ensures:

  • fast drying
  • safe hygienisation
  • optimal rotting process

BACKHUS turners are known and valued all around the world. BACKHUS stands for superior quality and cost-effectiveness.

Together with their customers, BACKHUS EcoEngineers develop concepts for facilities and machines to ensure the practical and sustainable reatment of waste.

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