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The new hoeing machine THEMA for crop rows is strong, versatile, light and reliable. Suitable to different crops on various soil conditions (sandy, middle-heavy and heavy soil), it ensures safety and long lasting working capacity, more than any other machine in the market. All movements are on ball bearing, the floating parts of the units on self-lubricating nylon bushings, the toolbar is 100x100. It’s available with different fittings on fixed, manual folding and hydraulic folding frame.  Adjustable row distance from 25 to 90cm; the fertiliser with patented volumetric distributors and drive wheel, possible fertiliser drive by cardan joint and central distributor fertiliser adjustment.

Applications: suitable for crop rows, as maize, sugar-beet and other, and also for all vegetables including potatoes.

Thema is not only a hoeing machine!
THEMA QUEEN: Hoeing machine mounted on special toolbar
THEMA KING: Hoeing machine mounted on toolbars mounted trailer
THEMA DU: hoeing machine with double unit
THEMA ZD: hoeing machine with fixed parts, suitable for vegetables
THEMA KRESS: hoeing machine with fingers suitable for vegetables

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