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Thermal Screen



Preservation of the internal temperature of the greenhouses in cold weathers is very important, though costly, for the development of the crops. Thermal screen is used for preservation of the internal temperature of the greenhouse. It is the most economic solution for this purpose. Upon request, it can be produced to have thermal and antidrip features. Its penetration of light is 95%. It does not therefore affect the development of the plant negatively. Its film thickness is 20 microns. Maximum film width is 8 meters. The quantity needed to cover a 100 sqm greenhouse with thermal screen is 21 kg.

Helps slower cooling of the greenhouse in night time, which was warmed by sun lights during the day. Minimizing the heat loss protects the harvest against the risk of freezing, in the case of sudden temperature decreases. Reducing the temperature difference between the day time and night time improves productivity. Ensures temperature advantage between +1°C to +5°C, and fuel saving in heated greenhouses.

EVA additive helps thermal feature to be more efficient.

We use EVA additive as a standard, in greenhouse covers with thermal (IR) additive.

Light Diffuser (LD):
This additive ensures the sun rays to be refracted and diffused when they enter into the greenhouse. It thus prevents plants to create shadow for each other and protects the crop from the scorching effect of the sun in sunny times. It helps the growth of plants and fruits.
Unless any special request provided otherwise, the light diffuser additive provides light diffused between 40% and 70%, depending on the film thickness.

AntiFog-AntiDrip (AF):
Transpiration occurs in the plants and land because of the high temperature difference between the interior and exterior of greenhouses, and water drops are formed on the inner surface of the greenhouse cover. These water drops prevent some of the sun lights to enter the greenhouse. And the rest of sun lights entering into the greenhouse cause burning of the plants and some diseases because the water drops act as a lens.

Antifog - Antidrip additive prevents humidity in the greenhouse to remain on the inner surface of the film as sizeable water drops.

As this feature is included in only one surface of the greenhouse cover, attention should be paid to the warnings on the film before the installation.

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