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Thermal Weed Control Equipment



This equipment is designed for the elimination and control of weed by means of a thermal treatment. A thermal –shock is applied to the weeds by using a thermal shield with gas burners. Punctual temperatures up to 1000°C are applied to the weed within milliseconds causing a dehydration of the weed, eliminating them in an environmental friendly way.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Thermal shields of stainless steel with propane gas burners.
  • To be assembled on hydraulic inter-row device or on special chassis.
  • Cabinet and gateway for the connection of the gas tank.
  • Electric control in the tractor cab, both for the control of the burner and the inter-row arm movement.
  • Different shield size depending on the application.
  • Working speeds up to 3km/h.
  • Calorific consumption (high flame): 30.000 kcal/h per burner.
  • Calorific consumption (low flame): 5.000 kcal/h per burner.
  • Fuel: Propane (in gas form or liquefied).

Main optional equipment:

  • Assembly on ventral hydraulic inter-row device.
  • Assembly on bilateral chassis with two inter-row devices for vineyards.
  • Assembly on chassis with three-point hitch coupling for use in horticultural plantations.
  • Fuel feeding from gas cylinder or from gas tank of different capacities.

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