- Mosquito & Insect Fogging Solution



THERMFOG is an EPA registered, general purpose and wide spectrum insecticide designed to be applied with all types of thermal fogging equipment. THERMFOG uses 0.2% Resmethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid for quick knock down of the listed insects. The carrier for the Resmethrin is a petroleum distillate (oil base) which makes it ideal for use with thermal fogging equipment. For indoor and localized areas outdoors.

  • EPA registered, Made in the USA.
  • Uses 0.2% Resmethrin, a proven effective synthetic pyrethroid
  • Use indoors and for spot control outdoors.
  • Effective against mosquitoes, gnats, flies, spiders, beetles, roaches, etc
  • Helps reduce the spread of dangerous diseases spread by insects
  • Ideal for pulse jet thermal fogger application
  • Use full strength -pour directly into fogger solution tank
  • Kills mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other flying pests
  • Kills roaches, silverfish, beetles, spiders and other pest infestations

  • Indoors: Use to treat warehouses, restaurants, storage facilities, manufacturing areas, boat/auto/RV storage, garages, garden sheds, utility buildings and more.
  • Outdoors: Use to treat small areas like yards, patios, gazebos, around swimming pools, landscaping, heavy underbrush, rubbish piles, wooded lots and more.
  • Important Note: It is your (the applicator's) responsibility to check local regulations before fogging or spraying any insecticide. ALWAYS read the product labeling before you begin the application.

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