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Model THM 700/1000 - Side Pulled Machines

THM 700/1000 are the composting machines manufactured by Trio-Chem since 1992. These sturdy machines are built from top quality virgin steel. With New Holland 75 HP Tractor with creeper gearbox,  this machine churns 700 MT pressmud  with auto spraying 40 M3 of Spent Wash per hour. Built-in SS Pump with Greaves engine sprays spent wash or any liquid which is stored in a 4000 Ltrs SS Tank. The Hood can be raised with hydraulic power. With 7mtrs/min speed, power steering, and lowest diesel consumption per MT of pressmud turned, this machine is an excellent choice for distilleries. This machine can be used to turn various other types of material and is used in many industries like chicken manure, cow dung manure etc. THM 700/1000 is a obvious choice for distilleries below 30 KLPD.

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