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The KAWECO THORIUM is a combination of a self loading wagon and a high capacity RADIUM silage wagon. The dual functionality makes the THORIUM multifunctional and essential for an agricultural contractor. The THORIUM is specially developed for professional use with a big loading volume and a CLAAS loading and chopping unit.

The ROTO CUT cutting geometry with 40 knives on one level achieves a theoretical chop length of 38mm and ensures a silage structure and quality which is ideal suitable for ruminants. Nine rows of rotor tines and strippers in a power saving layout ensure low peaks and reduced fuel consumption. The power drive, the pick-up with dual roller crop press, and the perfect interplay between the dual rotor tines and knives are the outstanding characteristics of the THORIUM forage chopping system.

All THORIUM dual-purpose wagons have a transport floor, chains, and side walls made of galvanized steel for a longer and more reliable working life. To provide the best view when working after dark, the loading bay is equipped with working lights well as the rear side of the wagon. Control of the loader wagon functions are done by an Electric-Hydraulic Comfort Control Terminal. The complete pickup and chopping unit can be removed, so you can spare weight when you use the wagon as a silage wagon.

Pickup features:

  • The dual roller crop press pre-compresses the swath and helps to even out the material flow. It provides a uniform flow into the chopping unit, wide and uneven swaths are not a problem. This allows for increased intake speeds.
  • The pick-up is 2.00 m wide and has five rows of dual tines. Close tine spacing for clean forage pick-up and minimum loss.
  • Optimum adaptation to ground contours of the pick-up due to freely suspended, undriven guide wheels.

High capacity rotor:

  • Large, control-free rotor with dual tines made of boron steel.
  • Rotor mounted on spherical roller bearings to distribute heavy loads evenly.
  • Nine rows of tines and large rotor diameter for low power requirement and improved flow of the wilted crop.
  • Very smooth running.
  • Large 90° angle between the feed tines and the strippers guarantees gentle forage transport.
  • The feed tines are not welded to the rotor casing, but simply inserted and bonded together.

Stable rotor tines:

Reduced power requirement and even, clean cut thanks to:

  • Precision guiding of the blades by dual tines.
  • Special layout of the stepped dual rotor tines. Large spread of the forage across the rotor tines.
  • Large spread of the forage across the rotor tines.

Main transmission:

  • High-performance drive. A massive absorption capacity, huge loading volumes, and a powerful tractor call for a heavy-duty driving concept.
  • 2-speed bevel gear transmission.
  • The flow of forces is distributed: to the right to the power train of the metering rollers, to the left to the spur gear of the loading rotor, and from there to the pick-up.

Easily accessible from all sides:

  • Two-stage hydraulically opened cutter housing.
  • Entire rotor accessible from the rear.
  • Entire feed and chopping system can be checked, cleaned, and maintained easily.
  • From the driver’s seat, you can expand the entire transport channel by 8 cm. Nothing else stands in the way. When you switch the machine back on, the entire drive power of the PTO shaft acts on the jammed cut material and not against the knives. Quickly and with full force, the jam is cleared and the forage is advanced unhindered.

QUICK-OUT blade change mechanism:

Blade changing made easy:

  • QUICK-OUT blade changing mechanism for rapid insertion and removal of blades without the use of tools.
  • When the cutter housing is opened, the individual blade retainers are released automatically.
  • The blades swing out if hit by a foreign object and immediately swing back automatically.
  • No risk of blade damage.
  • Trouble-free operation.

The THORIUM is not only a first class forage harvester, but also an outstanding transport vehicle. Standard the THORIUM has a buggy tandem, but can also be equipped with hydraulic suspension. The axles can be trailing steered or hydraulically forced steered.

The THORIUM can be used from the early spring until the late fall, this makes it the perfect trailer for professionals!

You can find more information in this PDF file:

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