Comercial Metalúrgica Albacetense S.L.

Threaded Cast Iron Line Valve



The basic valve is standard assembled with plastic plugs to close the body upstream and downstream pressure inlet. Cometal may supply the basic valve and its control accessories in an independent way, or the basic valve with its equipment assembled and tested under the hydraulic conditions of each order.

  • Designed and manufactured by COMETAL
  • PATENT MODEL N° 1: Perimeter ring in the platform of the valve body which avoid the diaphragm displacement.
  • PATENT MODEL N° 2: Symmetry with the horizontal plane, so we have two valves in the same body.
  • THREE TYPES OF DIAPHRAGMS: Three models of diaphragms and springs depending on the necessities. PN16 irrigation high pressure, PN06 standard pressure and PN04 irrigation low pressure (valve opens with 4mca).
  • ACCESS AND MAINTENANCE: It is allowed an easy access to the inner part of the valve only manipulating the screws between covers and bodies.
  • OPTIONAL: This design has the option of placing an external diaphragm position indicator or amanual flow controller.
  • WARRANTY: 2 years.

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