Three-Layer 12 M Wide Greenhouse Film



A polyethylene three-layer 12 m wide film for large greenhouses and hotbeds is manufactured in Ukraine for the first time. It has light-stabilizing, anti-fog and high-strength characteristics as well as the service life of up to 10 seasons. It was made on a unique 24-meter-high three-layer extrusion machine. Compared to a regular film, the film manufactured by three-layer co-extrusion has several advantages. Linear polyethylene is added to the middle layer providing the high strength, anti-fog additives can be added to the lower layer providing the water drainage from the inner surface of a greenhouse without forming drops on the film. All three layers contain light-stabilizing additive, which allows to continuously use the film for up to 2, 4, 6 or 10 seasons, depending on customer requirements.

WARNING! When unpacking the roll, make sure that the outer side of the film in the roll becomes the outer side when covering a greenhouse. Do not cover YOUR greenhouse IF the outer side of the film FACES INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE! It is the inner layer of the film, which contains anti-fog additives.

The film is manufactured in the form of half-sleeves 12 meters wide and 100, 120, 150 and 180 microns thick – blue, green, pink and yellow, respectively. The length of the film in the roll is 50 m and is enough to cover up to 600 sq. m of greenhouses. The roll width is 1.6 m and it greatly simplifies the process of transportation and storage of products in warehouses.

The roll is packaged in a thick, durable film with the use of foam polyethylene preserving the best product qualities. The roll package is bound by the polypropylene strip and white tape bearing the official logo to provide reliable protection for the high-quality film. To identify each roll, the package features an individual barcode label and all the information necessary for the buyer. The warranty card and Greenhouse Film Installation Guideare included in each film roll.

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