Three-Tray Propagation Systems



Our three-tray propagation system gives growers the opportunity for consistent seedling production, which is critical for serving clients on a regular basis. This 4’x4’ propagation system is specifically designed to generate expedited seedling growth to set the pace for heightened plant development. Our proprietary, heavy-duty white propagation trays are designed to hold two sheets of oasis or rockwool cubes each.

These versatile trays can also be filled with perlite for broadcast seeding to grow mesclun or spring mix greens. The propagation trays hold two complete sheets of 1” oasis cubes, giving the three-tray propagation system a total of 972 seedling sites. Each tray can be removed quickly and easily from the table to transport the seedlings to your planting area.

The system is flexible, allowing you to easily ramp up or down depending on your needs. These systems were designed to supply our 2012HL Herb & Lettuce system, but can be used for virtually any crop. You can also use them to grow 'baby green' mixes with very little work.

We recommend purchasing the 3 Tray Bottom Heat package for optimum seedling performance. Our propagation systems includes everything except the necessary sheets of 3/4' plywood and 2x6 lumber as they are less expensive to purchase locally.

The 3 TrayPropagation System includes:

  • (1) 44'x45' Freestanding galvanized steel table frame
  • (3) 13'x45' white propagation trays with fittings
  • (1) Manifold complete with grommets, micro tubes, ball valve, and drain bypass
  • (1) Collector and drain
  • (1) Submersible pump
  • (1) 30-gallon reservoir with cover
  • (1) Cycle timer
  • (1) Float valve and float valve plumbing

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